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Yearbook: The year that was!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Today marks my one year anniversary since I started writing. I still have the same passion for writing. During this one year, my blog clocked in a total of 1,557 page views with 405 new users and 96 returning users (Thanks for the loyalty :D). The metric which I'm most impressed with is that of bounce rate and it stands at 41.48%. I feel it is pretty good for someone who's not a professional. Another astonishing fact is that my writings are read by people from over 12 countries. In spite of not undertaking any campaign as such, organic search happens to be the third leading source of traffic and it has the highest average session duration. I ended up writing 19 articles in the meantime and it's time for a quick recap:


Who is ARC?

This was more or less like an introduction. Happens to be the most liked post for some reason.


The Andhra Pradesh Employment of Local candidates in Industries/Factories Bill 2019

Discussed an unjust act passed by the Andhra Pradesh state government. I don't really think any significant investment happened post this. There were rumours of Kia shifting their plant to Tamil Nadu but then those claims were refuted by Kia.


The Curious Case of Jammu and Kashmir

This had to be the first post but then ended up to be the second post. Bill was presented on Aug 5th, 2019 and the previous day I was discussing this with my friend regarding this and my prediction was on spot. This is pretty good to read if you don't know the history of Jammu & Kashmir. It gives the entire information in under 5 minutes.


Electrophysiology : A possible cure for paralysis

My first scientific post and discussed on an alternate cure for paralysis using the concepts of electrophysiology. The technique is pretty new and is in developmental stages. This technique lets you control others arms without their knowledge.


Let the trees burn?

Summed up why the Amazon forest fires were happening on such a large scale. The situation has not really improved with respect to the administration. Jair's government is still the same and Brazilian's claim that he has failed in controlling the coronavirus as well.


The Cost of Uranium

Discussed why Uranium mining must not be done in the areas of Nalla Malla forest. Its costs on the Chencu tribe and gave the example of mismanagement of Jaduguda Uranium Mines in Jharkhand.


Mandir Wahi Banega?

This time around, I predicted the result of this case way before the judgment. (Lesson learnt from my second post) I discussed the history without taking any sides and presented the facts. The judgment pretty much contained similar facts.


Aryans, Nazi Germans and Misconceptions

This is another research-based, connecting the dots story. Answers to questions such as why did the Nazi Germans call them Aryans, does India have any link with the story or not have been dealt with.


Demystifying Dark Web

This is pretty interesting writing of mine. The terms surface web, dark, deep web always intrigued me and hence, I set out to unravel the mystery in this. I did find some spooky stuff and it's worth a read if you're into the internet and its uses.



Discussed the basics of the Citizen Amendment Act. It is yet to be implemented and it has been indefinitely delayed due to this pandemic. I believe this project will take off once a sizeable number of people get vaccinated probably around March 2021.


Amaravati : A recipe for disaster

Another misdirected policy by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Currently, as you read, farmers are cursing themselves for bringing the new government into power. The bill was signed by the governor on 31st July 2020 and now Andhra Pradesh has three capitals. Read on to know if it is good to have multiple capitals or to stick onto a single capital.


What's novel about novel corona virus?

This is another article related to my domain of study. Discussed why novel viruses emerge, how to tackle those. Additionally, I discussed if it had the capacity to emerge into a pandemic. (Prediction spot on once again)


Lockdown Lessons: Conspiracies

Discussed silly conspiracies surrounding coronavirus. There's a bonus at the end of the article. This was my first ever series based stories.


Lockdown Lessons: Trial & Error

Wrote about the medicines in use, treatments, questionable practices with respect to COVID treatment.


Lockdown Lessons: Optimization

Discussed how to optimize the testing strategy without having to shell out money. This was also implemented and my prediction was spot on. (No, I'm not into future telling)


Lockdown Lessons: Mefo Bonds

Nazi Germany was under sanctions and was also under the strict vigil of the Allied countries and yet, they managed to create a military and gave life to their economy via the Mefo Bonds. I wanted to see if this could be implemented given the current pandemic. So, read on to know more.


Ready to Read: Reliance Jio's share to Facebook

This was my second series known as Ready to Read. The entire matter was conveyed within 2-3 minutes. The first one was about the benefits FaceBook and Jio are going to have due to this deal. And as usual, my guess was right.


Ready to Read: Belt and Road Initiative

In this story, I discussed the Belt and Road initiative by the Chinese. Why is it so important to them and what do we have in this project. This was more of a precursor to the next article.


Ladakh: Battleground 2.0

Dealt with details as to why Ladakh became another battleground. Why was so much activity happening in that region, what does China have to do with Ladakh and so on and so forth.

The biggest happiness I got out of this is that people shared my articles on their own. I neither asked anyone to like, share or comment nor did I force anyone to read. I was really happy when people shared without my influence and this fuels me to write more. There are certain areas where I need to improve but then, I believe I'll get there slowly. If you've come this far, it means that you're a sincere reader and thanks for being one.




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